Melissa Schiffbauer

Melissa is the author and creator of A Bible & A Girl, a faith-based social media network. Her ministry is primarily focused on sharing the gospel online. She is based out of Florida, USA.


written by Melissa

What started out as a casual hobby turned into something more!


Growing up as a pastor's daughter, I have always been involved or around church and ministry-minded work. I have attended private Christian schools, graduated from Southern Adventist University, worked for Christian non-profits, and attended several mission trips. God has always had me involved in sharing His love at some capacity.

In Oct. 2020 I started using my social media accounts for God by posting short blog posts. I noticed a lot of lovely, faith-based accounts online, yet none of them seemed to talk about the tough issues...the ones even pastors shy away from. I felt God telling me to speak up on unpopular and challenging Biblical topics. I also felt a special calling to address some of the misconceptions and challenges among young people within the culture of the Seventh-day Adventist Church denomination.

As I dug deeper into the faith-based online world, I learned that many people fear God rather than love Him. I prayed and asked God what I could do to help. I started sharing my own personal thoughts, research, and notes from my time spent in scripture. The outcome was surprisingly positive!

As of March 2022, my Instagram account (@unmistakablymelissa) has over 15k followers and 500k viewers a month. ​

I have experience in the following areas: social media content creation, youth ministries, women's ministries, evangelism, teaching & mentorship, Biblical studies