Bible Study

It is my goal to motivate others through an inspirational blog to study the Bible and turn to it for guidance in their own lives rather than depending solely on friends, family, teachers, or pastors to teach them what they believe about spiritual and religious topics.



Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²) is an international network of independent bloggers who meaningfully blog—and who are serious—about matters relating to the Bible.

Call Me Beloved

This devotional blog written by David Denton is intended to humanize and personalize the spiritual journey, primarily through stories and personal reflections.

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Adventist Young Professionals

At Adventist Young Professionals, we are focused on connecting Adventist young adults locally and across regions.

By providing space for individuals to share and learn about events and gatherings in their region and by hosting a platform where young professionals can share about their projects and chat about topics they share an interest in, we hope to create a more connected and engaged generation of Adventists.

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