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Updated: Feb 5

Yesterday I came home from Passion Conference 2020 here in Atlanta, GA and I cried. It wasn't a cute, delicate, soft cry. It was a loud, exhausted, wailing cry. I cried and I wrestled with God. I poured out my deepest desire... my calling to ministry.

I hadn't wrestled with Him like that for quite some time. I sat on the floor of my bathroom and I begged God to bless me, recognize me, and use me. Attending Passion 2020 was no doubt an incredible, wonderful, and inspiring experience yet it left me feeling distraught. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to accept that it was just a conference, just a couple sermons, or a concert. For the first time in my entire life as I worshiped and studied God's word at Passion Conference I felt like I was home. Every speaker spoke words and inspirations that I too have been thinking. I found people on that stage who were just like me in their convictions, their motivation, and their love for Jesus. It is rare for me to connect to others like myself.

Even as I write this I find tears brimming my eyes because I'm so desperate for more. For years I have done my own digging and my own research. I have spent many hours reading Adventist literature, the literature I was raised on. I have spent many hours reading other Christian literature. I have studied the Bible on my own time and I have asked God to guide me. I believe he has. But I have reached a crossroads in my life. I cannot continue to do this on my own. I want to join forces with those who also share my love and my passion. I want to join those who can help me grow in ways I just can't on my own. For months I have been seeking out something, anything to help me grow further... at Passion Conference I glimpsed it.

I am called. I have been scared to say that. I've never admitted it until this post, but at this point in my life it is undeniable. I do not say those words lightly. I also do not say these words exclusively. You are called too.

There is something going on within the Passion organization that I cannot pass by. The Holy Spirit is working there and how foolish I would be to ignore that fact. This conference opened the Bible in every session, and they inspired 60,000 other young people to do the same. I don't care if those young people aren't attending church. I don't care if those young people still do other "sinful" things (we all do by the way). The point is, something the Passion Conference is doing motivated those young adults to take the time to be there. To hear God's truths. That is a foot in the door for the Holy Spirit for those 60,000 attendees and that is a win in my opinion.

I am going to speak boldly to you today.

God is calling us, HE IS CALLING US to reach the masses. He is calling us to inspire people to read their Bibles. How ignorant of us to limit our witnessing and our motivation to share Jesus with the world based on superficial boundaries! The truth of the Bible is for all people and God is going to share that with nations whether I decide to get on board or not.

Sometimes as Christians in our own denomination we become so certain of our position as "the remnant" or the "one true church or God" that we've stopped putting in the work. We should not be a group of believers that lags behind others in our witnessing and church growing tactics, hiding behind the excuse of "at least we do stuff right!". We should be at the forefront of the mission, guiding the way! When will we cast aside your petty disputes over women's ordination, music, and dress code, and start discussing what actually matters? I urge us to make these changes in the year 2020.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I will proudly and boldly claim the name of Jesus. I will go wherever I need to go to learn what I need to learn. With God' help I might even learn something I can bring back and implement in my own local church congregation.

You too my dear reader can seek out your truth and your training. Do not let superficial boundaries limit you as you ask God to develop your talents for Him. God's work is not limited by man-made guidelines. God's work is alive and well in the world and it will be seen to completion.

This year is your time to open your heart and mind and go all-in for Christ.


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