how do I apply the Bible to modern life? Hebrews study pt. 1

Updated: May 5

In recent theological discussions and debates, I've seen many people spending a significant amount of time and intellectual effort arguing over the relevancy of Old Testament teachings in current times. In relation to my most recent post on prophecy (view here), I've been thinking a lot about how quick we are to dismiss principles and foretellings in the Bible as if they no longer, or never did, relate to us. If we don't dismiss them, we water them down and say it was only the very basic principles behind what the texts say that still matter now. I would caution against this... in fact the Bible itself has cautioned against it. We might not realize it, but we are not the first group of people in the world to look back on past events and feel confused about how they apply to us. There is an entire book called Hebrews in the New Testament, which was written for the people of the past who were asking the same questions we are.

Early converts of the Christian faith did not understand clearly the connection between Jesus, Old Testament law, the sacrificial system, and priesthood. They didn't understand that Jesus was actually the embodiment of many of those things. When the book of Hebrews was written, many people were questioning their faith. They were clinging to the Jewish culture they were raised on or they were Gentiles who didn't grasp the meaning of Jewish culture in the first place!

As we enter into the month of March, I will be writing an in-depth post series on the chapters of Hebrews. Every evening, a new post will be listed exploring a new chapter of the book. If you have never spent much time in personal Bible study, this may be a wonderful opportunity for you. Unlike many of the other books in the Bible, Hebrews is rather short with only 13 chapters. This means we will cover all of the Hebrews chapters in just two weeks!

Hebrews is a wonderful book because it pairs a love for Jesus with clear instruction and life application. Join me as we seek after how to make sense of Bible instruction in our modern lives!


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