book review: NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls

I am so excited to be writing my second product/book review today! As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I am honored to have been chosen to receive and review this Bible for free. Make sure you check out Bible Gateway's hashtag #BibleGatewayPartner on social media for more amazing, Bible-based products and content! At the bottom of this review, I have listed some of Bible Gateway's other amazing resources for Bible Study.

It's time to channel my inner 10-year-old...

According to, "The NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls is a gorgeous marbled look using a layered ink technique, the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls was created with girls ages 8 to 12 in mind. Each page of this Bible has lightly ruled, wide margins, inviting girls to journal, reflect, take notes, and create art. Featuring the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) translation, the NIV Artisan Collection Bible for Girls provides unique spaces to reflect on God's Word through writing, drawing, doodling or any other way an artsy girl chooses to connect deeper with Scripture! It's a girl's Bible done her way so that God's Word touches her heart like never before."

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about this Bible was its durable cover and easy to carry size. As someone who spends a lot of time promoting the Bible, I am well aware of the thousands of versions, shapes, and sizes God's word comes in these days. I was impressed with the presentation of this model. Something that made this Bible stand out to me was the inclusion of a Chronological and Alphabetical Bible book table of contents. This is a useful feature for young girls who might not have the order of the books of the Bible memorized yet. I also felt that the New International Version Translation was a good choice for a young person's Bible because of it's easy to understand language. The font was also dark, clear, and legible. The New Testament included Jesus' words in red print. The back of the Bible includes a Table of Weights and Measures in regards to Biblical times which I thought was a unique addition.

Trying It Out

This Bible proudly boasts it's layout as being perfect for the "artsy girl", so I decided to spend some time doodling in my copy. I appreciated the large margins with lines for easy doodling and writing. I think this will be especially useful for younger users who might still be perfecting their handwriting. First, I did some doodling with colored pencils. The page held up well, although I did notice some slight curling. This may have been because I pushed my pencils a bit hard when drawing. Next, I drew with felt tip pens, which is what I personally use in my own Bible study journaling. I was impressed with how the page held up. There was no bleeding through on the back of the page when I was done drawing.

Final Comments

Overall, I really enjoyed the simplistic, easy-to-customize style of this Bible. I would recommend this layout for girls who like to take lots of notes and make annotations when reading scripture. I would not recommend this book for individuals who are looking for excessive devotional thoughts, commentary, or "extras" in their Bible. This book simply doesn't have that sort of stuff. It is more of a "back to the basics" approach to Bible reading.

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