disconnect to connect

The time has come for me to take a REAL social media break. I’ve dabbled in this prior- taking anywhere from 48 hrs to 3 days away.

This time I am taking 6 months.

Over these last few weeks, things have been tough for me personally. I have done a lot of self-reflecting and I have realized I’m just not where I want to be with God and with those I love. I need to address some skeletons in my closet, so to speak.

It is easy to talk the talk, but what about walking the walk? Since November when I

started my blog, A Bible & A Girl, the amount of positive feedback and support I have gotten as I began this journey has been overwhelming! I am so thankful for the experience and for the ministry outlet it has become. I certainly do not want to deny God’s calling on my heart to continue writing... however I am going to take some time away.

I love God. I love the Bible. I love ministry. Yet I also know how easy it can be to get swept up in the excitement of it all. I have seen this happen to people around me- faith based leaders I love who suddenly allow their egos to get in the way of God’s message through them. Their agenda shifts from Jesus to... a bigger following for themselves. When I started this blog, I promised God I would avoid being just another self-centered ministry wannabe. I promised to keep myself accountable.

This break is me keeping myself accountable.

Though I am happy and stand by what I have written on my blog and various social accounts up to this point, I also see things in myself that I feel need offline work before I can continue. I believe God calls us to love Him and love others first and foremost. Those two things must take precedent in our life. At the moment I want to focus loving God and others in my own face-to-face interactions before returning to the world side web.

This break from the online universe isn’t something negative- but rather exciting! I’m not punishing myself... I am actually really looking forward to time away. Time to replace my social media hours with extra Bible study, family time, and God time. I am looking forward to the differences that will likely show up in my life when I stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing and reading and posting.

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be an amazing, powerful tool for good- but in order to make sure that is what it is for ME... I simply need a break.

As always my cell phone and email will remain open and active.

Talk soon in 2021!



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