who should I trust for life advice? Hebrews study pt. 4

Updated: May 5

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Hebrews Chapter 3- The Best Leader

"God is the builder of everything."

That phrase really struck me as I was reading today's chapter. As Christians we often say those very words, but do we believe it?

Not too long ago, I attended a Christian apologetic session. The topic of the lecture was "Earth's Origins". The majority of the people in the audience were Christians, as this event was being held at a church. As the gentleman gave his presentation, I didn't expect anyone to disagree with him seeing that everything in his slides was deeply rooted in scripture. As we approached the discussion of a literal six-day creation, there was some stirring in the back of the audience. Imagine my surprise when a Christian man a few rows behind me stood up in the middle of the program and said, "That is wrong! There is no way intelligent, educated people can honestly believe that the earth was made in a literal six days!" As if that didn't catch me off guard enough, imagine how baffled I was when other people in the audience around me started to agree with him. "Yes, the notion that all of nature was created in such a short time isn't realistic." There were murmurings all over the room.

Honestly, is anything about a supernatural God classified as realistic by our human standards?

These were Christian people... but they were being swayed by secular leaders. The leaders in society today which we hold in high regard often disagree with the Bible. Unfortunately, our tendency is to agree with them because we don't want to be viewed as ignorant or misinformed. Hebrews chapter three is speaking to people like us.

Although the people in the New Testament weren't wrestling with some of the scientific findings we argue over today, they were putting their trust in someone other than God. They were depending on the words and directions of Moses and the modern apostles of their time. God was reminding the people of that time and the people of today, that He is the maker of everything. Other leaders might have limited knowledge in a certain area of life, but God knows it all.

Hebrews 3:7-11 gives a pretty serious warning about the risk of falling victim to unbelief. God references the Israelites who had more miracles, signs, and wonders displayed to them than anyone else in the Bible. Yet despite everything God did to prove himself to them, it was never enough. It is the same today. Unfortunately for some people, no matter what happens in their life it is never enough to persuade them to whole-heartedly trust God. The Bible tells us in this chapter that we should continue to encourage each other daily to have more faith in God and less faith in the leaders around us.

The most ironic thing to me about the Israelites is that they were the very people led by Moses himself. Moses, the greatly respected leader of the Jewish community who was put on a pedestal for years and years after his life was still not enough for the Israelite people- the very people who actually knew him. They had the most iconic Christian leader of their time, and they still turned away from God time and time again.

This is such a strong reminder that our faith and our commitment cannot be to a person, it can only be to God. How many times have you put the word of a pastor or a religious leader over reading the Bible for yourself? So many people have their own version of "Moses" in their lives today. Whatever "Moses" says, they hold in high regard. They try to justify this by saying, "Well I know Moses believes in God and wants to promote God, so whatever he/she says must be credible." The problem with this sort of thinking is that someday "Moses" might say something wrong or pass away. How will you know the truth of the Bible for yourself if you never read it? How will you know Jesus if you only spend time with his followers? He wants you to spend time with Him- the real deal.

Pondering Points

1. Who is a leader in the world that you admire? Do you find yourself giving their words more credit than the words of scripture? Be honest.

2. What is one way you can encourage a friend or family member to have more faith in God?

3. What is one activity that always makes you feel closer to Jesus? When did you last do that activity? Plan some time to experience it again.


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