How to Revive Your Prayer life (for real)

Updated: Oct 5

I have seen or read THOUSANDS of articles on the topic of prayer. As much as I appreciate what other authors have shared on the topic, sometimes the information available becomes a bit cliche and repetitive.

Growing up in church, I was always told that I "should pray". I was especially encouraged to thank God for my food or ask for traveling mercies before a drive somewhere. I don't want to minimize the value of praying for things like that, yet sometimes our "daily prayers" become meaningless because of their monotony.

As I got older, I found myself struggling to pray. I realized that although I had prayed every day, my prayers hadn't meant much. I started to ask myself, "How do I pray sincerely?"

Do I need to get on my knees? Raise my hands? Fold my hands? Close my eyes? Speak out loud? Think through my prayer?

Suddenly I had this anxiety about how to do prayer. In fact, I started overthinking prayer so much... that I stopped "praying" at all. Yet even though I wasn't praying in a manner that I would have classified as prayer, I was still thinking about God and even thinking to God. I realized that when I took the pressure off myself to pray in a specific format, I prayed WAY more than I ever had!

Here are 3 lightbulb moments I had about prayer:

  1. You can't pray "wrong"- It is our tendency to overthink the things we do for or with God because God is so powerful and majestic. Yet as splendid and elevated as God is, He is not so far removed that he can't meet us where we are at. Prayer really is talking to God. You don't have to kneel a certain way or use a certain form of speech for God to hear you. God hears any and all words that you say to him and he sees your thoughts too. (see Psalm 139)

  2. God is not offended by emotion- If you are angry, sad, happy, excited... whatever you are feeling you can express that to God. Just because God is holy does not mean God wants you to act like a robot. God made you with emotions because God has emotions too (GASP!).It is healthy and faith-building for us to keep it real with God. When we are honest about our feelings with God, we coincidentally are also honest with ourselves.

  3. God loves speaking with you- Yes, God speaks WITH you. So often we think about God speaking to us or vice versa, but honestly, in my experience, God speaks alongside us. As we share our thoughts with God, he enlightens us. He brings out points we are making that we didn't even discover until we said them to him.

If you are struggling with your prayer life, take some time to figure out why. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? Are you living in fear that God won't listen? Have you felt let down by God in the past?

Allow yourself to recognize what is keeping you away from God... and then allow yourself to recognize that God loves you anyways. He LOVES you. He wants to speak with you. He never left you.

He is here. You can speak to him right now- no strings attached.

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