It’s both.
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It’s both.

Christianity today asks a lot of “this or that” questions.

People always ask me...

“What side of the spectrum are you on?”

Confession or once saved, always saved?

Mercy or discipline?

Prayer or servant leadership?

Bible knowledge or Bible practice?

Patience or speaking it into life?

Healing or acceptance?

Religion or spirituality?

Denominational or non-Denominational?

Conservative or Liberal Adventism?

Old ways of ministry or new ways?

We spend a lot of time worrying about what side we are supposed to be on- yet I believe that it is time to realize that there aren’t actually any sides. In Jesus we are one.

Because we are saved, we continue to confess- knowing we will always be forgiven.

God through his discipline and mercy demonstrated to us how to become better and happier. Our prayers invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, igniting our passion for servant leadership.

Bible knowledge leads to Biblical application in our daily interactions.

Our patience allows us to live in the moment as we wait for God to fulfill our desires- in this world or the next.

God can heal us and we are able to accept whatever that healing looks like.

Religion is the structure that helps cultivate our deeper spirituality through collaboration with others.

Jesus is present in denominational congregations and outside of them.

God loves the conservative and the liberal.

Any form of spreading the gospel is worthy.

The solution to reaching this generation is no longer this or that...

It’s both.

I refuse to choose any more “sides”. How about you?


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