how is Jesus relatable? Hebrews study pt.3

Updated: May 5, 2020

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Hebrews Chapter 2- Jesus Gets It

In the previous chapter of Hebrews, an emphasis is placed upon the value and greatness of Jesus. That train of thought continues in chapter 2 and now also adds the topic of Salvation to the mix. Hebrews 2:3-4 says, "how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him. God also testified to it by signs, wonders, and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will."

Salvation is not something that we are born with even though it is always readily available to us. Sometimes I think we forget that the gift of salvation still involves a choice on our part. Just because we know about Salvation doesn't mean we accept it or necessarily even want it. I remember receiving a lot of unwanted attention from a boy when I was in college. Even though I made it clear to him that I wasn't interested in anything more than friendship, he showered me with gifts and attention. Everything about his actions and words gave me a clear picture of what his intentions were, but I still didn't want anything to do with him.

It can be the same with God. God makes it very clear what he is all about, but it is up to us to decide if we want anything to do with it. It is important for us to distinguish this to ourselves and to those around us. The act of accepting and believing in God is vital to our spiritual journey and our eternal future.

As the topic of salvation arises, we are also reminded of God's unusual love for us. Hebrews 2:5 states, "what is mankind that you are mindful of them..." How strange that despite our utter uselessness, God loves us without limits! If you don't feel that love in your own life, Hebrews tells us to reflect on the life of Christ. Jesus acted out the lifestyle God intends for each of us. The way God treated and dealt with Jesus is how he handles us as well. While it is true that Jesus died, he also rose again! There is no burden too great or hardship too challenging for God. Anything that happens to us can be overcome by Him.

It is because Jesus came to earth and lived the exact experience that we each must live that we are able to be called brothers and sisters in Christ (Hebrews 2:11). We are told all of this so that we might strengthen our trust and our faith in God. Sometimes it can feel like God is not relatable. How can a supernatural, all-powerful being relate to ignorant, helpless little people? God knew we would wonder this, and so he gave us someone relatable. Jesus is here for us. Jesus understands the experience of life on earth because he went through it. This is also why Jesus is our intercessor.

In our world today we see many people who act as a go-between to help connect different entities. Nations have ambassadors, businesses have translators, and companies have representatives. Each of these roles has the critical task of creating unity and clear communication between the two parties they are working with. Jesus is our ambassador, our translator, and our representative. He helps us understand God, and he gives God a different perspective of us. The Bible often tells us that Jesus is Rabbi- our teacher and instructor. The best teachers, coaches, and trainers do not only rely on their knowledge; they rely on their experiences.

Shared experiences are one of the building blocks of a strong relationship. If you read my blog posts regularly, you will know that I am a sucker for reality TV shows. On many of the dating episodes that I watch, the participants of the show must go through something challenging together. The reason for this is rooted in psychology. Suddenly, we don't feel quite like strangers because we now have something in common- a common need to fill or goal to reach. Think about the feeling of relief that fills you when you share something personal and discover the person listening has also dealt with what you're explaining. Suddenly you don't have to try and explain yourself so much, because you know that they get it. Going through hard things together helps build a connection between you and that person. It can be the same as Jesus. Going through hard things in our faith walk can help us depend on and understand Jesus better.

Pondering Points

1. Think of something hard that you are facing right now in your life. What is one experience that Jesus had while he was on earth that might relate to what you are going through?

2. How do our own personal trials make us more relatable to those around us?

3. How can we share the necessity of accepting salvation to our friends and family?

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