journey through the gospel books: introduction

Updated: Sep 12

Have you ever read the story of Jesus’s life all the way through? God gave us Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John- four different perspectives on the life of Christ. Make sure you are following the hashtag #unmistakablybible on Instagram so you don’t miss anything!

Matthew- written by a Jewish believer who focused on providing proof that Jesus was a true king; descended from the lineage of King David. He connects Old Testament promises with the actions of Jesus.

Mark- Mark wrote to the Gentiles... specifically the Romans. He placed his focus on the authority of Jesus as revealed by the many miracles he performed. His goal was to verify that Jesus truly was the son of God.

Luke- the book of Luke is a letter written to a Gentile friend Theophilus. Luke focuses his writing on the love and salvation of Christ. His book holds the story of the lost coin, lost sheep, and lost son. His main message is one of salvation.

John- the book of John has a clear purpose of revealing the path of eternal life to us. John was one of the very disciples who walked and talked with Jesus. It was important to him that his readers understand Christ’s character.

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