my privilege.

In a time when people are hurting beyond belief, I have turned to God asking, “What can I do? What is the Christ-like thing to do?”

This question has brought me to scripture The place I choose to go during my lowest moments and when I am questioning things. It is here that God reveals to me what my role in a hurting world is. It is here that I find countless scriptures describing the character and attributes of a Godly man or woman.

It is based on my reading of these things that I have determined what my privilege is as I am ridiculed, rejected, or reprimanded for not immediately jumping on board with the current trending opinion surrounding racism in America. I am not trying to play a victim role- I am not a victim. But I am trying to understand how I can respond to these things, and here is my response when I am called privileged: I am privileged.

It is my privilege to listen. I want to hear what you have to say. I want to learn. I want to understand better the things your anger and frustration are rooted in. I would never claim to have al the answers or know all the things. Teach me.

It is my privilege to not judge. Even if I don’t agree with the way other people express their opinions, I am only responsible for my own actions and words. You are not less of a person to me if we disagree.

It is my privilege to forgive. I was naturally very hurt by the way my city and various other cities were brutally attacked and that caused me to feel angry- but I have chosen to let that anger subside. I was hurt as my own readers judged me, unfollowed me, and downgraded my ministry efforts. But I have nothing bad to say in return. If my house is looted and burned to the ground, I will not look for the culprit hoping to burn their house and steal their things. I will forgive. Not because it is easy, but because I know it is what God asks of me no matter how I feel.

It is my privilege to help. I am actively looking for an organization to give my funding towards in an effort to seek a humane solution to this problem. I am listening to those who are running for office, expecting to hear their plans to bring equality to our nation. I am voting. I am doing what I can to raise my voice on social media in a manner formed after Christ’s, for those who are hurting.

It is my privilege to advocate. I am advocating for Jesus. For the Bible. For people to recognize that the only true source of definable right and wrong comes from God. People will fail us. This is obvious and easily proven as we look at history. Jesus never fails.

It is my privilege to pray. The unrest in the world will not be resolved without divine intervention. This is bigger than me or you. This is a supernatural issue stemming from and influenced by supernatural influences. We are not capable to win this battle, but Jesus is. He has already won it.

It is my privilege to love. I love people. I would not speak up or write or do anything I do if this wasn’t at the core of my passion. I want people to feel loved and protected. I want people ultimately to enjoy eternity. If you reach out to me I will always do what is within my power to help you. I will pray for you I will offer you food or shelter or comfort or just a listening ear regardless of your opinions or stances on hot topic issues. I will love you not on my own merit but because I am actively choosing to reflect Christ in my actions. I will love you because I want to be loved.

This is my privilege.


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