returning to writing

Two updates today... 1. I am coming back online!

2. We are moving to FL!

Let’s first talk about my return to the online world... surely someone is saying “I knew she wouldn’t be able to go six months away from social media”. Actually, I had quite the opposite experience. While spending a month off, I discovered how much I am NOT attached to this platform. In fact, many days I talked to Braxton telling him I might just permanently delete everything... the blog, my pages, all of it. I could easily leave the online community behind because I re-discovered the beauty of my own personal life... but I also took some time to pray and contemplate my presence in the digital space. I read several notes readers sent to me through my blog asking me if I could keep writing. I thought about what I can do to use my small influence for good.

I realized that even if I don’t like it, God truly has given me a talent to write... and so far it has been best utilized through my blog and posts. So I am coming back! My blog writing will start back up and my main focus will be on the Bible. I think in the past I was always looking for some group or church or ministry to partner with. I never believed that my own writings by themselves could be enough. During my time away, I felt God telling me that they are enough. Sure, some people really enjoy working on a team and collaborating with other believers, but for some reason I believe that at this time my message is a solo act. In other words, I do not need to carry some affiliated title to have an impact in my community with my blog. Moving forward I have renewed inspiration to keep my blog focused on individual journeys- things you can do in your own alone time to connect intimately with God.

This leads me to my second announcement- moving back to my home state of FL. As I see everything going on in the world, I knew that for me and my family, God was calling us away from the city and into more natural laid back living. We have bought our first home in a town with less than 50,000 people and I COULD NOT be happier! I am so excited to reconnect with you all and see where God leads me on the next portion of my spiritual and life journey.


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