The Return of the Blog

Wow, it feels so good to not have a limited character count haha.

(Just kidding, I will try to keep this short and sweet!)

For those of you who know me, you will remember that blogging was how I got my start. Before Instagram was my main platform... I wrote my thoughts on a WIX page much like this one and shared those posts on Facebook. This was a great way for me to practice my writing, however it was challenging to get people to actually travel from social media over to my own personal website. So, I started writing on social media where I could make use of the algorithm.

Now, 10,000 social media followers later, I have decided the blog needs a revival.

At this point, enough of you know who I am and enjoy my writings that you are willing to come to my page and read what I post. That means so much to me- thank you for believing in my ministry and helping me serve Christ through my talent!

A personal blog allows me to escape the Social Media shadow banning.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard that two weeks ago all of my content was hidden from the "For You" page. This happens for various reasons but regardless of why it happened, it taught me that I need to develop a way to interact with my family, friends, and followers AWAY from the control of Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

This blog allows me to connect with you directly via email.

One of the awesome features that my website host (WIX) provides, is the ability to create an email list. You can create an account here on my page and receive email updates every time I post here. I can also send you updates directly if for some reason I do ever lose control of my social media platforms.

The content on my blog will be more elaborate than my posts on Instagram.

Instagram is an ever evolving space, and right now people are most interested in short slides and reels on Instagram. It is simply not the best place for super long theological or Biblical Hot Topic posts. I will still continue to share the highlights of my thoughts on Instagram, but the meat of what I have to say will be written here in my own space.

Thank you for making this transition forward with me! Make sure you subscribe to my blog. I will post every day or so over here and you don't want to miss it!

- Melissa

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