how do I stop skipping my Bible study time?

Updated: May 5

I thought being social-distanced would give me more time to relax... but somehow I feel even busier than before!

Maybe you can relate. Suddenly you are working from home and/or filling the role of a full-time teacher, cook, babysitter, and cleaner for your entire household. Who knew there could be so many new things to get done at home? This was not what you expected. You had such high hopes for all that new "free time"- hopes of reading the Bible more, praying more, spending more time with God. Now your spiritual revival dreams are slowly dying...

The good news is, I recently discovered something that can help you reach your Bible reading goal, without requiring any physical reading at all! As a #Biblegatewaypartner I was asked to review the Free Bible Gateway Bible Audio App and I'm so glad I decided to review it!

The Bible on the Go

Pop in some headphones, connect your car Bluetooth, or turn on speakerphone- whatever you choose you will be listening to God's word in seconds! With this program, it has never been easier to put scripture into your brain as you go about your daily routine. Chores, shopping, driving, or even sleeping- pair God's word with any activity!


Unlike other audio apps that I've tried which shove ads in your face and insist you listen to this or that podcast, this app keeps things simple. When you open the application for the first time, you are immediately in Genesis 1:1. You have the option to choose your scripture verse, translation version, and some audio play buttons. That is really it! Personally, I really appreciate how straightforward it is.

User Friendly

Because of its simplistic style, the Bible Gateway Bible Audio App is user friendly for all age groups. Again, since there aren't a bunch of extra features and pop-ups, you can allow your child to use this without running the risk of a surprise charge on your account. As the program is reading the scriptures, the words also pop up on the screen. This is fantastic for new readers or language learners! They are seeing and hearing exactly what is being played. The large play button, font size, and again basic features allow older generations to use this app without anyone having to explain it to them.


Perhaps my favorite thing about this app is the narrator's tone of voice and the music that plays softly in the background. Within 5 minutes of listening, I notice a significant difference in my demeanor. I'm breathing softer, my muscles feel more at ease, my mind is less cluttered. As much as I love reading and underlining in my own personal Bible, sometimes I just need a break! This app is perfect for that. I've caught myself using this Bible study method to memorize scripture with ease. I can pause or repeat the narrator's voice as much as needed until the verse is tucked away in my memory.

Offline Option

If you find yourself loving and using this app daily, but don't want to be constricted to a WiFi connection there is a solution! For a quick payment of $1.99 the app is now usable completely offline! Take it with you on hikes, on road trips, or out on your boat and continue to listen to your studies.

For more incredible Bible Gateway Bible study resources (such as devotionals) check out this quick-read article:


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