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One year ago I started taking this social media stuff seriously. I've touched on my journey before, but I want to mention a few things that perhaps I've left out in the past.

I feel as though God "accidentally on purpose" led me to the social media space. Prior to doing what I currently do, I was a bit of a spiritual wanderer. I was raised in the church, I fell away in college, and I made my way back to Jesus and the Bible in my early twenties. Despite my own personal journey in and out of the church, I was still quite naive to the realities of the Christian world. I took Christians at face value and looked at famous pastors and celebrity Christian authors through rose-colored glasses. Yet when I started working in the online space, my glasses were shattered.

If you do not believe we are living in end times, I challenge you to do a little research on the commonly held beliefs of the Christian world. I'll give you a spoiler: many of them aren't Biblical.

I have discovered that it is possible to be a Jesus lover and a church lover and a Christian music lover... without being a Bible lover. The problem is, if you don't love the Bible, your views of Jesus, church, and worship will all be misguided.

It seems to me that it is very challenging to love God or anything pertaining to him if you do not love the Bible as well. Am I saying we should elevate the Bible above God? Should we worship the Bible? Not of course not. That would be silly and sacrilegious. However, the Bible is the tool, the means we were given to know God. Because of this, we should preserve its intended truths at all costs.

People assume that because the Bible is available for purchase and free to read here in the United States, we have nothing to worry about. When we talk about protecting or defending the Bible we often picture third world countries or nations where freedom of speech and religion is prohibited. But this sort of thinking is partly to blame for our current negligence and ignorance of all the false, unbiblical information being peddled in Christianity today.

Having the freedom to read and access the Bible really doesn't mean much if you can't comprehend anything the Bible is trying to say. Since the devil can't keep the physical book from people, he tries to hide the meaning from us instead.

So let's pause and go back to my social media experience for a moment. When I got on social media, I had the same general vision that many ministry-oriented people have. I wanted to master the algorithm so I could gain a following and promote Bible truth. I envisioned myself becoming an author and speaker. I figured at some point I'd make my own resources just like the hundreds of other ministries and faith-based figures on social media seem to be doing.

Then God gave me a new direction to go.

I realized that many of us get distracted by our own visions of fame and fortune (even if that fame and fortune is the SDA version), but we don't realize that for the gospel to go to the world... we need a team effort. We have so many amazing Biblical ministries and what are they doing? They are all generating their own version of the same topics over and over. Everyone is essentially producing the same materials but with THEIR name on them. We must reach a point where we stop thinking about ourselves and OUR ministry and recognize the untapped potential of working as a network.

The Adventist world specifically has done a great job of uniting internally. We can go to events like ASI or GYC and meet lots of other SDA's and hear lots of messages preached using SDA lingo. The problem is, that unity does not show up for the rest of the world. We need that network to be re-packaged in an outreach-friendly way.

The reason these big-name Christian authors and speakers are so famous on social media is because of how they portray themselves. They collaborate with each other even though they also have their own ministries and audiences. They give off a sense of camaraderie that makes people want to keep up with them. Of course the problem with them... is they lack solid Bible teachings.

So... what the world needs right now is a group of people who give off that vibe AND also share Bible truth.

God is with us. He is guiding us and patiently waiting on us to start using social media to the advantage of furthering his work. We must package our materials in a way that doesn't merely appeal to the SDA world but extends to the rest of the world as well. We need to show our unity with one another so that people know these truths are upheld and believed by not just one creator or another, but by a whole community of Bible lovers.

Oh, and by the way... it is my plan to create that network. That is why I am starting my newest endeavor, Bible Ambassador.

But more on that later :)

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