what is Jesus like? Hebrews study pt.2

Updated: May 5

Today is the first day of actually going into God's Word and reading Hebrews together! I am super excited to look into this informative book with you guys, so cozy up, get out your Bible, phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever it is that you use and let's get started!

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Hebrews Chapter 1- Defining Jesus

As we begin reading Hebrews, the author reminds us of the prophets that came before Jesus and then explains that Jesus is greater than any prophet that came before him. Looking back this might seem kind of obvious to us, but to the people of the New Testament, it wasn't. Many of these people were still of the opinion that Moses was the greatest being to ever walk the face of the earth. The author of Hebrews gets straight to the point- Jesus is greater than Moses and He is greater than any prophet who might come after Him as well.

The next thing this chapter begins to discuss is the role of angels. As I read this I had to pause because if I'm honest I haven't given angels much thought since I was a child. I was reminded that angels are real and they are powerful creatures- even if we often forget they are around! However, again we are reminded that Jesus is the greatest. Not only is Jesus greater than the earthly prophets but He is also greater than the angels who serve God in heaven.

In this same section, we see a quick recollection of the creation of the earth. Hebrews 1:10-12 says that God created the world and our universe. The phrase, "you will roll them up like a robe" stood out to me. The author is talking about the end of earthly time. He is stating that God created all that we know and experience, and God will also end it all. Our sinful nature doesn't like this. We don't like to think about being weaker, lesser, or out of control compared to anyone or anything else. We struggle with some of the same power-hungry emotions that Lucifer the devil himself wrestled with. The Bible is very clear about our value on our own. On our own, we are compared to grass, or plants, or things that quickly pass away. Think about how easy it is to pull up grass and kill it or how quickly flowers wilt. Even if we don't want to accept it, we are useless and meaningless without God. Unless we are seeking after God's purpose for our lives and our planet, we will be just like the text in Hebrews 1:11 says- "they will be like a worn-out garment... like a garment, they will be changed but You will remain the same."

The chapter closes by telling us that all angels are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. We are not alone even though our time on earth may seem grim. God has provided us with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and angels to accompany and assist us every step of the way. The sooner we can accept that our role in existing is to be of service to God, the better.

Embracing our weaknesses and lacklusterness should not discourage us- instead it should bring us closer to God. Even though God doesn't need us he still wants us. He sent Jesus to save us so that despite our lack of skill, knowledge, or power. We still have a chance to escape suffering and enjoy eternal life. It is truly a gift we could never possibly deserve. When we accept our meek role of service to God in this present time, we destine ourselves for greatness in the future. I don't know what that "greatness" will look like, but I am trusting God with it. Clearly he has my best interest at heart.

When I ponder these supernatural concepts, I can't help but be reminded of the many superhero and fantasy movies or films I have seen. One that immediately comes to mind are The Avengers franchise. In many ways, our lives are less action-packed versions of those stories... but we are not playing the characters we so often look up to. We are not Tony Stark or Thor or Black Widow. In our own adventures, we are much weaker than that. We cannot squash out diseases, control the weather, or kill millions of people with the snap of a finger. We are the "extras"- you know the characters in the background who are trying to assist the superheroes (or sometimes even the villains)? We don't have any power of our own all we can do is try to be helpful in alerting the people around us of what is going on. If we get in the way too much, we are easily disposed of. The only way for us to matter is if we are assisting the true invincible hero of the story- God.

Pondering Points

1. How does it make you feel when you think about your helplessness in the grand scheme of things?

2. How can our weaknesses be used to glorify God?

3. What is one area of your life that could benefit from more humility?


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